Who are we?

College Connect is a nonprofit organization run by two high school students for other students like you. We connect you to a current college student who will review your application and provide support as you navigate the complex college application process.

The Student Experience

How you're matched.

By major.

This allows mentors to provide unique, individualized advice pertaining to your career goals.

By university.

Each school's application has its unique nuances that a mentor can help you with.

By extracurriculars.

College is about more than courses. Mentors can help you find the perfect school for you.

What we help with.

Our mentors can help with any of the following aspects of your application - and more!

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You need to describe your most impactful extracurriculars in a short space; mentors can help you phrase your experiences in a way that best reflects you.

Letters of Recommendation

Recommendations are crucial to your application and we can teach you how to ask for them and how to get the best references from teachers, coaches, leaders, and more.


Essays are unique to each college. These prompts tell us what the college wants to know about an applicant and mentors can provide more clarity about exactly what schools are looking for.


Your resume is a concise summary of your key accomplishments up to this point. Our mentors can help with formatting your resume to look professional and ensuring you strike a balance between being concise and being descriptive.


A good essay is written about an engaging topic, and it can be hard to either find a topic to write about or settle on one topic. Our mentors can provide advice for that decision.


Grammar makes or breaks an essay. An essay with poor grammar signals a lack of professionalism and care, so make sure to get it reviewed by your peers and our mentors.


Tone signals the theme of an essay to a reader. Your college essays should be personal, and therefore have a semi-formal tone. Additionally, the topic of the essay will influence the tone. Our mentors can help edit your essays to have a great tone and convey the right idea to the your application reviewer.


The feel of an essay is also conveyed by diction. While a research paper should use more technical jargon (like 'detritivore' or 'amphoteric'), your essays should be much more relatable. Our mentors can make sure your word choice doesn't make your essay sound overly analytical or careless - but conveys the true you.

Common App

The Common App is the most popular college application service.

Coalition for College

Like the Common App, the Coalition is a service that lets you put all your information in one place and send it to multiple schools.

College Email

It's often recommended to set up a separate email where colleges can send all their messages too.

College Portals

Each university has its own portal for applicants - our mentors can help you keep track of them all.


We get it. College involves many big decisions and we want to support you with each one. Click the button below to get your questions answered.

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